With Royal Institution Science Shows, Robots & Recyclable Drones   

With the promise of robots and recyclable drones, the Royal Hospital School (RHS) is hosting the region’s 2019 STEMFEST (Science,Technology,Engineering,Maths Festival) on November 21st.

More Star Wars than school lessons, RHS is collaborating with the Royal Academy of Engineering who have funded the event and opening its doors to any school who’d like to attend the careers element to the day. The event is the brainchild of RHS D&T teacher, Beverly Maloney, who has a passion seeing STEM coming alive. 

The interactive careers event will feature a host of STEM-focused organisations as well as teams from the NHS, the Police and the Armed Forces, who will all be demonstrating how STEM subjects work hand in hand to develop the skills required in their sphere of work. 

The Royal Institution, the UK’s leading organisation devoted to scientific education and research, will be also putting on two shows for students whilst primary age children can learn coding with Codey Rocky, a robot that combines hardware with software, allowing children to learn about programming whilst they play and create. 

Commenting on the event, Beverly Maloney said:
   “STEMFEST is a fantastic opportunity for students ranging from Year 5-13 to come together and see what STEM has to offer, engaging in interactive displays and embedding some of the learning that is going on in schools in the local area.  Students will see how STEM can look for them now as well as in the future, capturing technologies that will change our world and how we see it”. 

For more information visit www.royalhospitalschool.org