Students and staff at King Harold Academy are to undertake a marathon sponsored drum challenge to raise money for new equipment. The King Harold Drum Challenge – on Monday, July 10 – will involve some 25 drum students and members of staff. The challenge is for a continuous variation of beats and rhythms to be played throughout the six hours, including lunchtime and the event to be recorded and officially witnessed. Lunchtime will also see a ‘drum off’ between members of staff battling it out in a ‘drum duel’ in front of students.

Drum tutor Stuart Springthorpe said: “The aim of the event is not only to raise funds for much needed equipment but to also promote drumming as an activity that encourages dedication, creativity, joy and healing. Many of our students have embraced drumming as a part of their lives and are feeling the benefits. It would be great to raise as much money as possible in order to develop this further.”

Drummers will be playing continuously for six hours with students taking it in turns to play for 15 minutes with transition taking place using two drum kits. Year 9 student Tommy Argent said: “I like to play drums because they allow me to be ‘me’. I can let out how I feel on them.” Fellow Year 9 student Bradley Wright said: “Drums help me concentrate and calm me down.” Year 9 student Archie Venturoli said: “I love playing the drums, they make me feel alive!”

Anyone wishing to support the event with a financial contribution can ring the school on 01992 714800 or email

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