Sixth Form open evenings are being planned for schools in the Epping Forest District 6 (EFD6) Sixth Form Consortium which includes Debden Park High School,Roding Valley High School  and Epping St Johns. Since forming the consortium performance has gone from strength to strength.

Nearly 1,000 A-Levels and BTEC qualifications were taken across EFD6 this summer with many students taking the new-A levels which have little or no coursework and are entirely examined at the end of the two year course.

The Consortium has achieved an A-Level success rate of 99%, which is above national averages.

EFD6 students have again taken up places at prestigious universities across the country including Cambridge, Oxford and Durham.

Higher Education progression rates are very high and students will be following a broad range of courses across the Sciences, Humanities, Arts and English. The Consortium is delighted with the grades awarded to high-achieving students who will be heading off to top universities but is also highlighting the many other students who have been equally successful on courses, with the majority making their first choice university. Student successes have been supported by the collaboration of headteachers and leaders making the learning opportunities possible.

The Consortium is proud to offer opportunities for post-16 study to young people arriving with a range of GCSE qualifications and also vocational courses to help maximise student opportunities.

Several students have also taken advantage of the excellent collaboration opportunities available within the Consortium and have travelled between the schools for one of their three, and sometimes four A-levels.

Thisbe Barnet, a Year 13 student at Roding Valley High School who achieved four As in this summer’s AS exams (in Mathematics, Drama, Philosophy and English) said:

“As a student who is currently travelling to Debden Park High School for Drama A-level, I can confidently say it is both a beneficial and valuable experience. Not only have I made new friends and gained relationships with other students, I have been lucky enough to have excellent teachers that are just as good as the teachers here at Roding Valley. The journey is extremely easy and does not interfere with my day in any way. I am thoroughly enjoying going to another consortium for one of my lessons as it makes my school week more interesting and is an effective opportunity to put yourself out of your comfort zone and get to know another school. I have found that the teachers are willing to help me just as much as their own students and are extremely welcoming. Travelling to another school for one of my lessons has not hindered my learning or progress at all, in fact it has made me thrive in Drama and enjoy the subject even more.”

The successful outcomes reflect the work ethic and determination of students. Much credit must also go to the teachers and leaders across EFD6 who worked together across the schools to meet the challenges of these more difficult A-Levels and vocational courses. The teachers planned many assessments so the students were not disadvantaged by the lack of practice papers available from the exam boards and so were well prepared for the final exams.

Teachers readily collaborate greater than ever, sharing modern teaching strategies to ensure students achievement continues to rise.

Sixth Form Open evenings:

1st November  – Epping St John’s School, Bury Lane, Epping – 01992 573028

16th November  – Debden Park High School, Willingale Road, Loughton – 020 8508 2979

7th December – Roding Valley High School, Alderton Hill, Loughton – 020 8508 1173

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